I guess if you tapped this bit of the menu on my web site, I am reckoning you are a bit of a nosy parker and want to know more about me! I did toy with making a load of stuff up:

My name is Jess Bright and I am twenty-eight. I’m a former circus performer who can back flip one hundred times in a row and juggle balls of fire… ACTUALLY, I might be making this bit up.

The REAL me is more like this:

My name is Jess Bright and I am not telling you how old I am, you have to guess. I used to work in publishing for the man who discovered Harry Potter, but before that I worked in a bookshop, a chicken farm (gross, chicken poo smells of roast chicken), and as a kitchen slave.

As well as writing children’s books, I DJ at parties with my best friend under the name Whitney and Britney.

I am married to Saint Neil who puts up with all my annoying habits. One of which is cutting my fringe so short and then crying about it (Neil: It will grow back. Me: I look like a four year old. Neil: Well, you are always going on about how old you look, so maybe now you will be pleased. Me: ARGH!!!!!!!!).

I have three children (how can I have squeezed in all those with the chicken farm job and publishing and only be twenty-eight??). Their names are Lilla, Teya and Danny, also known as Chugga Nug because when he was born he looked like one. I don’t know what a Chugga Nug is, I guess it’s something small and cute and squashy. Not quite so relevant when you’re seven.

Ginger lives with us too. He's our cat, but he thinks he's human. Ginger likes to snuggle between me and Neil and watch Friends. If he's not snuggling with us, I can usually find him in Teya's bed, being fussed over. Ginger likes eating too, it must run in the family.

I also have two sisters and a brother. I’m the oldest. I have changed both my sisters’ nappies, facts I frequently remind them about in order to embarrass them to death.

My favourite food is super thin pizza (yes, I made that Pizza from scratch, yes, it was delicious!). I love salted caramel anything. I like Reeces Peanut Butter Cups the best out of all chocolate in the world. I hate marshmallows – they make me gag. Milk makes me gag as well (it’s from udders, people, UDDERS!). A cup of tea can make any difficult situation less scary. And cake is just the best way to start the day.