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Daisy didn’t mean to travel back to 1985. How was she supposed to know there was a time portal in the PE cupboard? Now she’s trapped at school with Izzy, her ex best friend, as her time travelling companion and no idea how they got there. They come face to face with their teenage mums, which is freaky enough, but Daisy’s mum died in a car crash when she was four. She barely remembers her. Daisy has one chance to warn her mum about the fatal accident and have her back home for good. But in changing the past, she could jeopardise her very own existence. With no idea how to return to the future, will the girls be trapped in the Eighties for ever, or can Daisy find the way home to live happily ever after with her mum?

Join the girls on a time travel adventure powered by hairspray, dodgy perms, cheesy music and fashion disasters galore.


For a sneak peak, click on the book cover!

Willow is an only child and lives with her mad artist mum, Helen, in the middle of nowhere. Even though she is happy in her small family, she would secretly love a sister to hang out with.

Helen had always told Willow that her dad was a sperm donor. But Willow’s world is about to be blown apart – her mum wasn’t telling the truth. Secret letters reveal Willow has a father she knew nothing about, and he has a very sick daughter, Bella, from his marriage, who will die unless she has a bone marrow transplant. There are no donors and no one in her immediate family matches. There is a slight chance Willow could be a match, and Anthony is willing to risk everything to find out.

But will Willow even agree to be tested? She is angry and insulted that Anthony only wants to know her now so she can save his 'real' daughter. And Bella hates Willow before even meeting her.

Can these two estranged siblings overcome all the obstacles thrown in their way in order to help each other and become real sisters?