I am available to come anywhere (even the Bahamas) to do school visits. I create writing workshops for whole classes, which basically gives the class teacher a bit of a rest (I’m sure they will be super grateful for that!). I like to work together with the children and we build a story from ideas everyone puts forward in class. It gets very exciting (and sometimes a bit loud) and kids love getting involved. I explain to the children how I work as a writer planning plotlines from the one idea I may have plucked out of thin air, and we kind of work on that. When we have the plot down, we work on creating character profiles. Before I start writing any story I create individual files for the main characters involved. Click to see profiles for Willow and Bella in Sister Sister – these can be printed out and photocopied if you need them. Each class is always different and every story we come up with is unique. It works best for Years Four to Six. Click here to see a more in-depth version of what goes on in a school visit and prices for a half day or full day.

I have also been trained by the excellent guys at AuthorProfile in conjunction with The National Literacy Trust
21ST CENTURY AUTHOR PROGRAMME, on how to put together and present an engaging author event. Mega useful for school visits! If you want to know more about this, please click here and it will take you to my profile and you can also check out the rest of the site and see what they are about!

Here's what Mrs Mitchell-Morgan, Mrs Sippitt and the year 6 girls at Sydenham High Junior School thought of my most recent school visit.

'Today Jess Bright made the bubbling pot of ideas year 6 had, overflow in a fizz of excitement! Never before have I seen a whole year group so totally immersed in their writing. By the end of the session they had not only created an inventive and imaginative story arc, but they had also developed character profiles through group discussion, drawing and drama. The only worry for the girls was how to keep Jess from stealing the amazing title they came up with!
Jess also let them into her own life, by admitting that she couldn’t even read until she was 7 years old, never mind try to write creatively. She even confessed to dropping out of her creative writing course at university, because she was told her style was breaking the expected boundaries! But the pen is mightier than the sword and, thankfully, (often inspired by her children) Jess returned to writing and won the year groups hearts….and minds! Thank you, Jess.'

Our children spent a few weeks writing narratives based around your book and they really enjoyed reading it and writing their own stories in your style.  Thanks for being a fantastic inspiration to them; they really loved yesterday’s workshop. Thanks again for your enthusiasm and introducing us to your book.

Tracey Baillie, Brampton Primary School, East Ham.

If you'd like me to come to your school, use the Contact Me page and send me a message.